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An Interview with Makharbeq Vaziev

Not long after Mr. Vaziev took over as company manager of the ballet, I had a chance to meet with him in his office. Despite occasional rumors of a possible change, Mr. Vaziev remains at the helm.

An Interview with Farouk Ruzimatov
At the time of this interview Farouk was arguably the premiere dancer in the world. At this same time, he had also partnered with Vaziev in the Kirov Ballet's new administration. He has since left his administratative duties, but he remains one of the elite names in the ballet world.

An Interview with Victoria Novichyonok
She was a principal dancer with the Kirov, going of the first tours allowed to leave the Soviet Union. Sidelined early by injuries early in her career, she became a teacher at the famed Vaganova Academy. In this interview she talks about Ruzimatov as a student, what it takes to be a ballet dancer, and she predicts the internatinal success of Boris Eifman.

An Interview with Elvira Tarassova
She is a first soloist who helps ensure all the roles in a production are danced to perfection. She has outstanding technique and amzaing resilience. A couple of years ago on tour in Brazil, she was injured. The administration insisted she stay with the company, because even injured, she could still work in a number of roles in an emergency. I made this interview when Ms. Tarasova was very excited because her new coach was ballet master Ninella Kurgapkina. There is a photo of Kurgapkina working with Tarassova.

Altynai Asylmuratova and Roland Petit's New Swan Lake
Altynai Asylmuratova is now director of the Vaganova Academy. Not long ago though, she was an international star. This story by Marc Haegeman taps into her long guest collaboration Roland Petit.

An Interview with Rasta Thomas
He was the 1998 Gold Medalist at the Jackson International Ballet Competition. With Debbie Allen as a mentor, a very supportive father, and a mind of his own, he was just jetting from place to place after his most recent success. For this interview he called me from a phone booth in Dallas.

Anastasia Volochkova
I met with Ms. Volochkova in her apartment in St. Petersburg. she was packing for a trip to Moscow to discuss a possible move there. In the background was a long closet stuffed with her personal costumes for all the great roles. She has made world headlines a number of times since then. Here is my first little story and some pictures she gave me. Click this link to visit her own website.




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